Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Worst

I'm pretty much the worst blogger of all time...(imagine Napoleon Dynamite saying that lol)

Things have just.not.been. going my way lately. *SIGH*

Car-I want to roll it off a cliff right about now. After a summer full of car issues (and about $1000), I am about 95% sure I am going to have to buy a new one. I really don't wanna. As much as I want a new shiny,pretty car-one with more room that mine would be great-I don't WANNA car payment. DAVE SAYS its stupid. And I believe him. I love that guy although sometimes I feel as though I can't see how to continue w/his plan...It's very frustrating to be a single mom of two who needs to be able to get back and forth to work, school stuff, football stuff, etc. It makes my skin crawl to depend on others for transportation. Grrrrrr.

ADD-Yes, this is actually the name of this blog. Obviously, procrastination is a symptom with I know very,very,very well. I need to seek treatment for this issue. Of course, I keep putting it off...LOL TYPICAL! I have done the surveys and I am 99.99999999% sure I have it! I hate to think of going through life underachieving, so I really need to call my PCP and make an appt. Having a confirmation of this & a treatment plan could make all the difference in the world.

I did paint a few things this weekend. I need to get a new camera though so I can post pics. My phone just doesn't have the best camera on it.. boo. One of these sweet days, I will bite the I-Phone bullet. I want one, but right now a car sounds like more of a priority! :)

Weight loss-I am very close to the 90lb club! If I could stay ON PLAN that would be amazing. I attempted Atkins induction for a couple of days, then dove face 1st into a couple cupcakes....emotional eating is what its called, and my emotions lurve them some carbs. *Double sigh* I need an a** whopping. I have to ask myself, do you really want to make goal?

Sometimes I feel like I am never going to make goal. Then I have to tell myself-you never thought you would make it this far either. Get a grip! I also have a major problem w/feeling like my life hasn't changed AS MUCH as I thought it would. I still have the same job, same bills, same responsibilities, the same insecurities (although some of them have changed since surgery), I'm still not married...I feel somewhat "held back" but I don't know why? It's so frustrating. People need to realize that WLS doesn't change your life. It just changes your pant size-and the rest is up to you. And even your pant size won't change unless you follow the plan.

This entry kinda feels like a Debbie Downer post. But such is life. Sometimes your up & sometimes your down. ;-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hump Day!

Good gosh I suck at this blogging thing. Sorry to my 5 followers lol. I have neglected my poor lil blog for a solid 2 weeks :( how can I ever make it up?!
Anyway, so many things to talk about so little time. I will try to break it up into sections.

Vacation-It went great & my son turned 14 :( and had a good birthday (I hope!) until we drove home and got in a wreck in Texas booooo. We went to Sea World-it was great BUT super hot & super duper expensive. I'm now ready to start preparing for Disney :)

Back to school-we are about 85% ready for back to school :( I hate that I am going to have a Freshmen and a 4th grader. Where did the time go!? Why do I no longer have babies!? *sigh* They need haircuts & shoes at this point. Thank God they won't be sitting at home all day watching TV and playing PS3. I just feel like they should be doing something more productive, but the truth is 1. It's summer! 2. It's almost over 3. I'm not home, so how I can I reallly make them do something productive, I sure wasn't productive during my summers (well, I was more than they are-but really didn't have a schedule or things I had to do besides keep the house clean til mom got home) so, let them be lazy for while-it's almost over! :)

Electric bills-SUCK!!!! We have been having triple digit weather. My dear, dear,dear 14 y/o took it upon himself to change the thermostat from AUTO to ON for a week. This cost me almost $200 for ONE week of electricity. YES, he is still alive but he is now broke (yes, this mean mama took his $40)

Weight loss-I am down to 193. I am sick of the 90s but grateful at the same time. A year ago, I wouldn't have imagined I would be under 200. I def feel like the losses have slowed, but I also notice that when I am exercising and keeping my carb intake low-it picks up and then some! Love my sleeve :)

New products- Recently, I have decided I need to branch out and try products to make it easier to reach my protein goal (60). 3 products I have tried:

Oh Yeah! protein shake (Strawberries n Cream)-one word describes this AMAZING!!! And 32 g of protein. Now, it is expensive, but this is one case where you totally get what you pay for :) It tasted like strawberry quick (sp?) Yum yum yum!

Jay Robb protein powder-Now this one I had tried before (years ago, way before surgery during one of my Low carb phases)-it is also quite pricey. It is very high quality protein and more "natural" than some. They use Stevia which is better for us (as in not a man made sugar substitute-more like real sugar). The only thing about Stevia, is it can be a little on the bitter side. I tried the Pina Colada flavor. It was pretty good. It is also pretty high in protein (25g) for a packet. I mixed w/skim milk (which I am on the fence about milk. I like the added protein, but 18 carbs!? for milk and I don't even LIKE milk ewww but it adds 13g protein to the shake). I know some wls patient's are not carbaphobes, but I know me and I know that carbs do not like me pre-wls or post-wls. I wish this were not the case, but it just is. Anyway, I'm getting off the subject here (hence the name of this blog...ADD!). The shakes are definately tolerable, even tastey. I just wish I didn't taste the bitterness of the Stevia... :( I may keep a few packets of these at work for a quick emergency lunch, but not sure that I will invest in a large quantities.

PowerCrunch bars-Yum,yum,yummy!!!! OMG, I could def see these becoming a problem if I buy too many. I don't have one in front of me, to give you #'s...I bought the peanut butter creme & the cookies and cream! WOW! Knock your socks off good. I believe they are 10 carbs, 13-14g of protein (I double checked and this is correct). They really are people! They are a little pricey, so I don't think I will be buying large quantities...maybe a couple here and there.

School- Ok, this girl hates math. No, really,really really HATES it. It is so not my cup of tea. My current class is Business Math and TBH I am really hanging on my the skin of my teeth! It's a 5 wk class, and this is week 5. I hope I make it out alive and that I pass *starts praying for mercy*

Apartment life-I'm so sick of my home as it is right now. It desperately needs some assistance by way of decluttering and decorating. I have several items needing paint right now. I bought a cute little side table at a garage sale last week for $2.50 (LOVE) it's going to be awesome. I think he is going to be black and is going to go in my oldest son's room. I have also decided that spending crap loads of $ on furniture is not going to happen in my home-probably ever. Maybe a couch when I buy a home. I would much rather buy quality, real wood, old school furniture on the CHEAP and just make it fabulous on my own. I have been procrastinating in this area b/c I am a perfectionist and I don't want it to look crappy. But, I have to take some chances. So, my goal is to make it to home depot w/my mom this week or weekend to buy all the stuff I need. I have quite a collection of Krylon spray paint & it needs to be put to use! I will be adding pics as I complete projects, but don't expect anything magical :) I am a newbie!

Well, I'm sure I could bore you w/more mundane areas of my life, but I will end this now! I hope between homework,housework,projects, football, back to school,work, etc I can do better! Have a fabulous week.