Monday, October 24, 2011

Pathetic <----hangs head in shame..

Haven't blogged in a while. Bad bad me! Things have been so crazy busy it seems. Finally got a little break this past weekend. No football (yay), no work, or school. We didn't have much $, but we had love. (Sounds like a sad little country song,huh?) It was a nice break although I did still have homework. Boo!

Football season is almost over & the holidays are around the corner. I am now down 100lbs! Crazy I tell you! I tried on some size 10 jeans yesterday and they fit! I might actually wear them in public one day (if that muffin top goes away! boo!) but hey-they fit and they fit properly. No jumping up and down or anything! That is what I call a NSV(non scale victory in case you don't know!)

Halloween is almost here & I think I will do a repeat (but better) of last year's 80's chick! Lace gloves, big hair bow, pearls, leg warmers, oversized sweat shirt maybe. Not sure what my boys will be, but something with a mask. How fun! Not! I need a little. The big boys aren't into the Halloweens of old :( :( they are growing up far too fast. Maybe a trip to the Goodwill is in order.

I am going to do a Turkey day challenge (I am the only member of this challenge but anyone is welcome to join! Christmas pics will be coming up soon and I have to look fabulous!!!! (and I will be purchasing a slimmer tanktop sort of thing, I hate getting pics back and seeing bumps here and there).
Anyway-the challenge is to lose 10lbs by 11/24. So, that's a month from now! Wow!!! I better get on the exercise train and quick! I think that is going to be the key to these last 20-25lbs!

Well, ciao for now! I will try to update once a week on my challenge! I may even do some scale pics : )