Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In a funk....

I don't know what is going on w/me here lately...just in a funk. Obviously, my mom being in the hospital for the last 2 weeks isn't helping (but then again, it is because I feel like other people are with her all day and night-which I can't be.

Went and saw my docs PA last week and I found out I was low on Vit D (again!) and iron. No wonder I am tired. I have some mixed emotions about the advice I received. On one hand, I do feel like I learned a couple things about boosting my (non exsistant) metabolism. On the other hand, I was blown away when she told me to keep my carbs at 150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? No way! She also told me that even 15 min of consistent exercise would help boost my metabolism. I do think that exercise is the only way to boost it at this point. I was also advised to continue Biolean (a supplement that is suppose to boost my metabolism as well, give me energy, and curb appetite) Yeah, I don't know. At first, I thought it helped but I don't think these folks understand me and that I am a-a recovering diet pill addict (Been on em all!) so therefore, I am desensitized to this "soft" stuff. B-That is WAY too damn many carbs for this chick. I am also frustrated with first I thought it was the, I am thinking its a waste of my time and $$$. I feel like I am on nothing except for the fact that I am exhausted (and now, I have added the VIT D and iron supplement). I just don't's hard to exercise when all you want to do when you get home from work (and visiting mom in the hospital and whatever my kids need-like basketball prac)-is collapse!!!I just feel like low carbing it is my only option or go get diet pills. I emailed the NP today to see what she suggests because I can't keep feeling blah and tired everyday! I was never "depressed" to begin with...I sought help with feeling like I had adult add and I was put on antidepressants. Go figure. Color me frustated with the whole thing. I just want to feel better, be able to focus, start enjoying life, and start losing weight again. Somebody help. *prays*

That is about all that is going on with me right now...pretty blah at the moment and looking forward to Thanksgiving (or maybe just being off work LOL)

Oh, speaking of work-I start a new position on 11/29. That, I am excited about. Working with a plastic surgeon who happens to do free work for his employees :-) not that that helped me decide about taking this position or anything LOL. Not only that but he is very pro-low carb and this job is less sendentary than the one I am now in. Maybe it will push me a little.

Talk laters babes. (Yes, a 50 shades reference lol)