Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My once a month post =)

Ok, so in regards to my last post with the 5 day pouch test...yeah, it didn't happen. I just don't wanna. What I did do, however, is go establish care with my mom's new doc. Love that guy!

He basically had me do a test to see what my resting metabolism is and yeah, it SUCKS!!!!!! =( It makes perfect sense to me that I lost easily after surgery because my RMR is 1300!!! And doc says in order for me to lose weight I need to eat like 900 cals per day. What the what!!!!!?????? Ugh.

He told me:

1. I need to find ways to boost my metablism aka exercise. Imagine that! He did also mention that I didn't need to do tons of exercise, just little stuff here and there helps. I'm sure that increasing my muscle mass would help.

2. He took me off the Lexapro and put me on Pristiq (known to help with weight loss instead of gain like Lexapro is known for! Angry face)

3. Gave me a supplement called Biolean that is suppose to help with metablism (I don't know if I buy this, but I will give it a try)

4. Told me to avoid liquid protein for problemo...sick of those shakes anyway! Stick with solid protein.

5. Ordered labs which I will hopefully get done this week

6. Return to his office in 4 weeks to check progress

7. Attend support group/possibly see his on site psych person. I am totally open to this.

So far, I am down 4lbs!!!! Yipppeeeeeee =) Didn't weigh this morning, but as of yesterday that was the outcome. I would love to be back in the 70's by the end of the month!

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