Monday, June 25, 2012

Twice in one month...I'm outta control! =)

Just wanted to update my lil blog here.

-Mom is home, out of the hospital and doing better than she has in a LONG time. This is after a visit to ICU and 1.5 weeks in the hospital. It was a ROUGH time, I am NOT going to lie. Glad she is better and sounding more and more like herself everyday.

-My weight is not my fav subject right now. I need ketosis, and I need it quick. Today, I am doing well. Meal planning and workouts are in my future. Here is my menu for today:

B-1/2 HB egg & rasberry greek yogurt

L-Leftover wings (4)

S-Cashews (about 2 oz spread out over the day)

D-I am thinking chicken stir fry. I need to use it up

Exercise: Jillian Michaels 30 day shred or Zumba

I need to refocus and lose at least 26lbs to reach my goal. I will reevaluate after I get there. I think losing 26lbs in the next 3 months is doable. I tend to lose very quickly with low carbing/ketosis so I can probably lose quite a bit this week if I stay committed.

-Finances-weight loss/finances seem to go hand and hand with me. When I am willy nilly with my eating, I am usually eating out ($$$$) and wasting groceries and not paying as much attention to my diet as I should. I shudder to think how much $ is wasted on eating out/fast food/convenience food. I am going to try my darndest to stick to meal planning/eating at home/eating out as a TREAT not an expectation. I think part of my problem is being a single parent. I have no one there to say, no lets not waste $ eating out. My grocery budget for July will be $250 ($62.50 per week for a family of 3).I haven't been couponing lately. I let my newspaper sub go (on accident) :( and I am not use to remembering to buy them anymore. I have, however been shopping at Aldi. If you don't shop at Aldi you are missing out! They have the BEST deals on produce,milk,nuts and many other items. I think I may start blogging about that actually.

I plan on buying the bulk of our groceries there, with the exception of meat. I will probably shop Crest/Sams for that. My youngest son decided he wants to start eating healthier and I think this will help me and him :)

I am also trying to find ways that I can cut down on expenses without feeling like we can't ever do anything fun. For instance-cutting our cable package down, cancelling our gym membership, not going to the nail salon (tear), making coffee at home instead of going to Starbucks,etc.

-Blogging-I have never really decided what direction this blog should take, (the name ADD should be a clue that I am all over the place lol) but I would like to start focusing more on budgeting/weight loss. Not to say that other things won't be discussed because they certainly will.

-Nails Along with the finances, I am TRYING to cut down on silly things like the nail salon :( sad face. It's the one thing that makes me SUPER happy. I am just telling myself it's not forever, just until I can get my finances under control. I am checking into getting the shellac system at home. Will report back if I do :)

That's about it for now, will check in again soon :)

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