Monday, September 10, 2012


Hi there's been a while (of course it has!)

Just going to update here...

School-still chugging along. Have a big project due tonight..hopefully will get it done. NO, I will get it done.

Work-nothing new here

Weight loss-haven't been weighing which is a problem for me. Out of sight, out of mind. Need to get focused. Not much time left in the year. I would love to reach goal by 12/29/12 (my 2 year surgiversary)

Mom-Alot has happened here. I got fed up with her surgeon (who also happened to be MY surgeon) and found a new one. He is ahhhhmazing. He put her in the hospital for the SOLE purpose of getting her health back on track. He hooked her up to amino acids,fatty acids. She looks SO much better. She did put a few lbs back on, but the reality is that her weight loss was not due to her bypass anyway. It was because she was puking up everything she ate due to the fistula. Basically, her small pouch was still connected to the remnant stomach. In essence, she had no bypass. Dr. G did a scope and placed endoscopic clips to try to heal that w/out doing another unnecessary surgery. I had to take her back to the hospital Wednesday because she was hurting for the first time in a long time. He admitted her and rescoped. Her opening has closed up about 75%. He placed another clip to try to get it to close the rest of the way! I love him!!! He thinks it will close up on its own since it is doing good so far. Best decision I have made was taking her out of Dr. N's care. I have talked to a few attorneys, but I just don't have time to devote to that at the moment. I did get her records, and well it was very interesting....She was very dishonest about a few things and I am not even going back to her for follow up. For now, mom is stable and doing well. I trust Dr. G will handle her care more thoroughly and he is VERY honest and real about things. I appreciate that over being lied to and being given a dumbed down version of my mothers condition. Sadly, I sent alot of business Dr. N's way....but my loud mouth works BOTH ways. She was my surgeon, and I had no problems....but I also had no complications. I was also only 30 years old with no major health problems. She is not qualified to do surgery on someone who has the possiblity of complications. Of course, that could be anyone. I will not refer ANYone else to her, in fact I told a coworker to run the other way. I understand FULLY that any surgery has possiblities of complications. I just do not feel like this woman handled MY mothers complications with any time of concern. She was ready to operate again (unnecessarily) on my mother despite her declining health condition. She seriously may not have made it off the operating table at that point. I am forever grateful to Dr. G for taking on her case and getting her back on track.

It works!-I have started a new business! I am SUPER excited about these products and will be blogging about them very soon. My website is

My favorite products so far are the wraps, the thermofit, & the defining gel. I can't wait to share amazing results with everyone!

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